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  • As the European Commission grants Marketing Authorization for the company's Ebola vaccine regimen—a key step towards enabling broader access to it for the people who need it most—we share top facts about the vaccine for the deadly virus.
    Johnson & Johnson's Chief Communication Officer Michael Sneed sits down to have a frank discussion about what we need to do to help build a more equitable healthcare system—and society.
    From scientists working on a potential vaccine to medically trained employees who mobilized to the front lines to help treat patients, these men and women share what most resonates for them about the unique and devastating virus, both professionally and personally.
    Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are working tirelessly to treat patients infected with the novel coronavirus. To bolster their heroic efforts, the company committed $50 million to help organizations dedicated to helping them.
    The heart condition affects up to six million Americans, and raises the risk of stroke five-fold. One patient describes what it was like to learn she had atrial fibrillation—and the unexpected positive impact it has had on her life.
    Imagine being a researcher who is staring down not only a highly infectious virus, but one that's caused the first global pandemic in more than 100 years. Meet Johnson & Johnson's Hanneke Schuitemaker, Ph.D.
    30 mothers. Their 31 children. Ten years ago, Kimberly Capone, Ph.D., set out to study the ways the microorganisms living on their skin evolved over time—and what that could mean for our understanding of skin health. She shares the groundbreaking results.
    Live Video Series
    The Road to a Vaccine
    Season 2
    The Road to a Vaccine Returns July 7
    In Season 2 of "The Road to a Vaccine," host Lisa Ling interviews scientists, global health leaders and other experts on the COVID-19 frontlines to reveal the latest medical advances and collaborations to create a coronavirus vaccine—and hopefully a return to a world without the pandemic.
  • Fact
    3.3%. That’s the increase in worldwide sales that Johnson & Johnson reported in the 1st quarter of 2020.
  • Recent Johnson & Johnson Initiatives in the Spotlight

    Learn more about the company’s latest groundbreaking programs, game-changing innovations and global partnerships—all aimed at helping change the trajectory of health for humanity.
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